In October of 1976 I packed my vintage three-speed bike and gear into a big crate and flew to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. My plan was to ride south towards Panama and see what developed. I had a grand total of $850 cash and no return ticket.

But I was well-prepared. Since 1971 I’d been hitch-hiking around the US to anti-war demos, tribal gatherings and Dead shows. I’d worked around shrimp boats, oil fields and logging camps. I was used to working hard and living rough. And I was an expert on weed.

1972 – Rainbows to Republicans    

1973 – Hitch-Hiking as a Lifestyle                 

By 1975 I was living with my girlfriend, Chris, on her 26’ sailboat cruising the Gulf coast of Florida. We had wintered over at Fort Myers Beach and were setting sail towards the Everglades, Dry Tortugas and Key West.

1975 – Cruisin’ the Gulf                                

Summer of 1976 found me in Center Barnstead, New Hampshire, working for a local contractor and saving up some cash. Every week-end I’d ride my vintage three-speed bicycle all around the Granite State, up to 100 miles a day. Started to think about long-distance touring. Why not Mexico?

Scoring good dope in America was always a struggle. Time to head south? Click on the High Road icon for a market update circa 1976.


1976 – Call of the Caribbean

Click Here to go to October, 1976 and the Journals.

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