Blue Mountain Ganja – Port Antonio, Jamaica

In Port Antonio, everybody had a cousin who grew world-class ganja in the bush. Ganja was virtually free. Everyone had a stash. The herb from the Blue Mountains, grown in the same climate and elevation that produces the legendary coffee, had the reputation of being the best.

Spears across the border

It was too good a deal to pass up. I had met two American gringos, clean-cut types actually, at the zocolo and they had a problem. They were due to leave San Cristobal de las Casas in the morning and said they had a quarter pound of marijuana they didn’t get a chance to smoke. Could I help them out?

Oaxacan Spears – San Cristobal Las Casas, Chiapas

I had to ride up into to the highlands of Chiapas to track down the fabled Oaxacan Spears. The spears are entire flower tops, or collas, maybe 8 – 10 inches long and as thick as a sausage. Kind of like giant Thai sticks. The color can vary between green (fresher) through light brown (cured). Each spear would weigh in at around 10 – 20 grams. These were the real deal.

Mayan Green – Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

The dope improved markedly across the Yucatan Channel on the beaches of Quintana Roo. Fresh green, sticky buds, very potent. Highly aromatic with a sweet, almost fruity smell. You could squeeze the bud between your fingers and it would stick to your thumb due to the resins in the hairs. Nice.

‘Lumbian Mersh, Mexican Shake and Homegrown

Lumbian mersh’ (dealer-speak for Commercial Grade Colombia dope) started to hit US streets around 1973. Mersh was a big improvement over the harsh Mexican shake that defined the late 60s pot scene. Domestic cannabis production was just starting to take off. But if you wanted good dope, and plenty of it, you had to head south.

Blue Mountain Ganja – Port Antonio, Jamaica

There’s an almost mystical aspect when you are smoking a big fat spliff of powerful Jamaican Ganja with a dread-locked Rastaman in his hidden jungle retreat. “Psst, hey mon! You smoke herb?” I looked around couldn’t see anyone… the jungle came right up to the road. “Over here”. I saw his face, framed by massive dreads, with a big smile of flashing white teeth.