18 – 20 January – Rio Motagua

18 Enero, Martes                                                       Brisas del Motagua, Honduras Only I, with my adventuresome spirit (or stupidity) would attempt such an expedition and, only I, with my fabled good luck, might pull such a stunt off. Got up early at the hotel and walked over to the airport to see my friends off on their flight toContinue reading “18 – 20 January – Rio Motagua”

20 October – Flying into Cozumel

20 October, Wednesday       Cozumel, Yucatan, Mexico By golly. I’m sitting in the Mexicana Airline terminal. My crate and pack are checked in and I got my ticket right here. Total cost for me and crate is $108.25, not too bad. My financial state right now: $850 in travellers checks and 220 pesos cash (16 pesosContinue reading “20 October – Flying into Cozumel”

3 – 7 December – El Diablo del Sol

Riding across the Yucatan from Escarcega to Paleque 3 Deciembre, Sabado            Xpuhil, Yucatan Up very early to go to El Mercado. Bought some oranges and tangerines. Ate some really delicious meat tacos at a little stall. Then to the Panadaria for some pan dulce. I walked over to the Jugos Caribe for a very goodContinue reading “3 – 7 December – El Diablo del Sol”