Mayan Green – Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

The dope improved markedly across the Yucatan Channel on the beaches of Quintana Roo. Fresh green, sticky buds, very potent. Highly aromatic with a sweet, almost fruity smell. You could squeeze the bud between your fingers and it would stick to your thumb due to the resins in the hairs. Nice.

‘Lumbian Mersh, Mexican Shake and Homegrown

Lumbian mersh’ (dealer-speak for Commercial Grade Colombia dope) started to hit US streets around 1973. Mersh was a big improvement over the harsh Mexican shake that defined the late 60s pot scene. Domestic cannabis production was just starting to take off. But if you wanted good dope, and plenty of it, you had to head south.

Roatan: Deserted sandy beaches, laid-back lifestyle and roads repaired with coconuts

Spent three weeks exploring the still-untouched tropical paradise of Roatan. A week on the beach at Sandy Bay, up the coast to Oak Ridge and French Harbour and hanging out in Coxen Hole. English being the local dialect, I made many friends amongst the locals and gained multiple perspectives about island life.

Volcan Atitlan: Majestic views from atop a steaming volcano

After crossing the heavily-armed border into Guatemala I continued on by bus to Hueheutenago and Quetzaltinango, stately colonial-style towns, and onward to Lago Atitlan. The 11,600 ft Volcan Atitlan dominated the landscape. Ran into some people planning to climb to the top…

Blue Mountain Ganja – Port Antonio, Jamaica

There’s an almost mystical aspect when you are smoking a big fat spliff of powerful Jamaican Ganja with a dread-locked Rastaman in his hidden jungle retreat. “Psst, hey mon! You smoke herb?” I looked around couldn’t see anyone… the jungle came right up to the road. “Over here”. I saw his face, framed by massive dreads, with a big smile of flashing white teeth.

Colombia Gold – Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena was the epicentre of the drug trade in 1976. Probably still is. Colombia’s Caribbean littoral is perfectly suited for growing powerfully potent Colombian Gold. Like most brands, any weed from Colombia could be called ‘Colombian Gold’, even mersh (shudder). But true Colombian Gold cannot be faked. It’s in a class of its own. EverybodyContinue reading “Colombia Gold – Cartagena, Colombia”